Utah Solar Power

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Thinking About Going Solar?

Progressive Power Solutions Is Your Source For “Investment Grade” Solar.

What is Investment Grade Solar?

  1. Highest Quality System Components,
  2. Experienced Design and Engineering,
  3. More Installations Than Any Other Company,
  4. NABCEP Certified Professional Installations,
  5. Detailed Financial Analysis and Financing,
  6. A Well Established Company,

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Investment grade standards typically result in higher,more reliable performance, few if any problems, a far better return on your investment and a more satisfactory experience all around.


Progressive Power Solutions delivers no-headaches , and a system that lasts for decades. We’ve been in the business for many years, have a proven track record and completely satisfied customers!


How Much Can You Save By “Going Solar”?

Progressive Power Solutions will schedule a Solar Evaluation to determine solar installation options that make the best sense for your home and budget. Click the button below to schedule your FREE Evaluation


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Progressive Power Solutions (PPS) was founded in 2006 and is now Utah’s most experienced provider of Solar PV energy systems for homes and commercial properties in the state. Our NABCEP certified design engineers review every job to match a system to your needs. We have installed 300+ solar systems and have ‘zero’ unhappy customers.


What is Our Solar Potential?

Everyone across the planet has one thing in common: access to the sun. Solar energy has the potential to be the great equalizer, bringing power to everyone who needs it…


Utah Power put a note in my mailbox the other day that we would be without electricity Thursday from 2-6 pm while they did some work. When that time came I could only find a few places in the house that we actually didn’t have power.
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